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What are the qualities of a good IELTS trainer?

Passing the IELTS test opens up many opportunities for a brighter future in an English-speaking country. But acing the exam is easier said than done. So if you are looking for help preparing for the IELTS exam, consider finding a qualified teacher. After all, a good IELTS coach can help you identify your weaknesses to achieve the score you need, giving you the best chance of success on the test. But what qualities should you look for in an IELTS teacher? Read on as we discuss some of the most important ones.

Why do you need an IELTS trainer?

IELTS trainers play a crucial role in helping their students get ready for the exam. That's because they know the exam inside out and can identify the areas that are lowering your score. Moreover, a good IELTS teacher provides ample training that can help you prepare for the exam and guide you through each question type so that you gain skills to tackle any question.

Do IELTS teachers need certification?

Contrary to IELTS examiners who receive rigorous general training, professionals in the world of TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) do not have standardised qualifications. However, being able to speak the language well does not qualify an individual to become an IELTS teacher. Most acquire TEFL or TESOL certifications. Most importantly, teachers should have a deep knowledge of the IELTS test.

What does an IELTS teacher do?

A qualified teacher can provide key information about the test, identify areas of weakness, and suggest strategies for improving your scores. Moreover, they can help in the following ways:

  • Providing valuable tips and advice on how to tackle different sections of the test.

  • Giving detailed feedback on practice tests so you know what areas require more work.

  • Creating a customised IELTS training study plan tailored to your individual needs.

  • Offering guidance on speaking and writing topics so that you know precisely what to do for each type of task.

What qualities should a good IELTS coach have?

When choosing an IELTS teacher, looking for someone with the right experience and qualifications is essential. Here are some details to consider:


Although IELTS teachers do not have standard qualifications that need to be followed, they should still have recognised qualifications in teaching English, such as the TESOL or CELTA certificates.


A good trainer will be patient while explaining new concepts and helping students understand complex topics.


Part of helping students prepare for the IELTS exam is letting them speak. As such, a good IELTS teacher should balance talk time and listening time well. That way, their students can have a chance to practice and demonstrate what they have learned.


Not every student learns the same way and at the same pace. That's why experienced teachers should be able to adapt their teaching methods to the needs of their students. They should recognise the uniqueness of every student and use it to help maximise the student's learning.


A trainer needs to have a deep understanding of the IELTS exam, including its structure and the types of questions asked. After all, a teacher can only instruct on topics they know well. They need to do more than just teach general English and know their way around the English language to be a good IELTS teacher. Most importantly, they should have passed the exam themselves and used the same strategies they currently teach. Years of experience teaching IELTS is also an asset.


A good teacher should be able to motivate students and encourage them to strive for the score they need. Moreover, almost all students struggle at some point in their IELTS exam, but intuitive teachers can identify areas of weakness and focus on them. They can help you realise your strengths and weaknesses and help you push through your learning difficulties.

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Every teacher has their own technique, but using effective methods is key to helping students learn more efficiently. A good IELTS teacher can help students learn more quickly and retain information more effectively by having the right balance of teaching techniques.


Even teachers sometimes make mistakes, but they should be honest enough to admit being incorrect. After all, they wouldn't want to impart false information that could jeopardise their students' exam results.

A good IELTS teacher should also be prepared to tell you some hard truths. For example, if you're current English level simply isn't good enough to get the score you need, your teacher needs to tell you.


Practice tests are good, but if your IELTS training only consists of practice tests and nothing more, there is something wrong. Students need to know where they are going wrong and be given strategies for improvement. As such, IELTS trainers should provide continuous feedback. This will help students monitor their progress and whether they are doing well or need to make changes.

Does having a good IELTS instructor make a difference?

The qualities mentioned above can turn an average teacher into a great one. But does having a great IELTS instructor matter? Yes, it does. An average instructor can teach you the basics and provide general training to help you prepare for the exam. But a great one can help you better understand the exam, from its structure to the different question types.

Additionally, good IELTS teachers can provide guidance on how to use your time effectively, helping you focus on the areas that need improvement. They also offer feedback and support as you work towards improving your performance and acing the IELTS exam. Most of all, a good teacher does all these things in a way that's tailored to suit your individual learning needs.

How do you find the right IELTS teacher?

Finding the right IELTS teacher can be daunting, but it's essential to research and look for someone with the necessary qualifications and experience. It is also best to ask for references from students who have worked with the same trainer or program.

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