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paper formed into a speech bubble

The IELTS speaking test will be at a different time to the rest of the test and may even take place on a different day.

The test consists of a conversation with an examiner that lasts around 13 minutes. The conversation is recorded and takes place in a room with just you and the examiner.

The speaking test has three parts (see table below) and is exactly the same for both the academic and general IELTS tests.





Part 1

Personal questions

Around 8-12 questions in total

Questions 1-4:

About home/hometown or job/studies

Questions 5-12:

Two other topics

1-5 minutes

Part 2


Examiner provides topic, pencil and paper.

Prepare for 1 minute, making notes if you wish.

Speak for 1-2 minutes without stopping.

Topic is always something personal, e.g. a park you like, a country you want to visit, a person you admire, etc.

3-4 minutes

Part 3


Around 6-8 questions.

Examiner asks your opinion on issues regarding society, e.g. technology, transport, diet, etc.

4-5 minutes


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