Expert Online IELTS Coaching Services

IELTS writing online coaching is for students who need more support and those who aren’t ready for full course training.

Still Falling Short? Let’s Get You to Your IELTS Score Goal

Your IELTS score is valid for two years from the date of your test, after which it will no longer be possible to use it to apply for a visa or immigration purposes. However, the score may still be valid for purposes such as university admissions.


You will also receive a band score of 1-9 (lowest to highest) for each individual section of the test (listening, reading, writing and speaking). If you’re having difficulty getting the score you need, our IELTS coaching classes should help you bridge any learning gaps.

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Meet the Trainer

Our IELTS writing classes online are taught by Kieran Lonergan. Kieran has been a professional English teacher since 2010 and has worked at the British Council during that time. Since 2015, he has shifted 100% of his time and focus to offering IELTS training because he loves teaching IELTS students that demonstrate exceptional motivation, and he gets immense satisfaction from helping them achieve their dreams.


His goal is to help learners pass the IELTS test as quickly as possible. So far he has personally helped over 500 students get the score they need and move on to a more successful life. Get coached by Kieran and be one of his successful IELTS test takers today.

Success Stories

Reading the Lesson

"Thanks to Kieran I have improved my score in IELTS Academic because not only did he help me with IELTS score, he also has improved my English abilities. I recommend him as the best teacher to prepare IELTS!"

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