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Incorporating Anki Flashcards into your IELTS Preparation

Do you need to learn English as fast as possible?
Anki flashcards will allow you to learn vocabulary and grammar in record time (and never forget it!)
Discover how.

Anki Flashcards Training Outline

This training method provides learners with a unique and effective way to improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills. It's based on spaced repetition, which helps students learn words quicker and retain them longer by revisiting previously studied materials.

What you will learn

Why you must use flashcards to improve your English fast

Why Anki flashcards are so effective

How use flashcards to learn basic vocabulary

How to use flashcards to learn advanced vocabulary

How to use flashcards to learn grammar

What’s included

5 video lessons (view the recording any time)

Homework to complete after every lesson

A list of useful resources for making flashcards

Price €47


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Anki Flashcards Training Curriculum

This program utilises visual cues to help with retention and recall, making it faster and easier to remember the words learners are studying. We also provide audio pronunciation so that you can learn proper pronunciation while studying the cards. Course progression are as follows:

How to use IELTS Anki flashcards to learn English faster

IELTS Anki Flashcards are a powerful tool for studying English. They help you focus on the most important words and phrases that you need to learn so that you can easily master them. With Anki, it's much easier to remember English vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation than using traditional methods of learning. Furthermore, Anki's spaced repetition system ensures your learning is more effective because it identifies which concepts need more practice and gives them higher priority in the flashcard sets.


Using Anki Flashcards can be an incredibly useful way to improve your IELTS score quickly. You can start by creating decks tailored specifically to the topics that appear on IELTS exams. This will allow you to prepare for any questions related to those topics.

7 Lessons

Introduction to this course

Why you must use Anki flashcards to improve your English fast

Why Anki flashcards are so effective

How to make flashcards to learn basic vocabulary

How to make flashcards to learn advanced vocabulary

How to make flashcards to learn new grammar structures


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Benefits of Using
Anki IELTS flashcards in IELTS Training

Anki IELTS flashcards provide a great tool to supplement IELTS training. With their interactive and unique design, they can help students learn and review essential vocabulary and grammar points in an efficient manner. You can also use them to practise writing tasks and hone your listening skills by listening to recordings of English conversations.


Using Anki IELTS flashcards during your preparation for the test will give you an advantage as it allows for effective use of your time. As these cards are designed to cover all four sections of the IELTS exam (reading, writing, speaking and listening), you can quickly review important topics without having to spend too much time on each one.

Comprehensive Coverage

Anki flashcards allow users to review every IELTS-related topic and subtopic, ensuring they are ready for the exam.

Interactive Learning

Anki’s interactive learning system allows users to actively engage with their material, aiding in their retention of knowledge.

Personalized Study

With its customizability features, Anki lets students create personalised cards and set up study plans that best fit their needs and goals.

On-the-Go Accessibility

Since it’s available on all devices, students can take advantage of any free time to practise and review IELTS test material wherever they are.

Success Stories

Reading the Lesson

"Such an amazing progress from 6.0 in January of this year to 7.5 in September has been real because of your educational pattern."

Liubov Zhilina

Living in Canada



Meet Your IELTS Coach

Kieran Lonergan has been a professional English instructor since 2010, working at the British Council during that period. He made the switch in 2015 and started focusing his 100% energy on IELTS. He has personally seen how motivated IELTS students are, inspiring him to help them pass their IELTS test whether they need it for education, employment or immigration purposes.


Kieran knows exactly how to aid learners so they can ace their IELTS test. He currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal with his Chilean wife, but the distance doesn’t stop him from helping students realize and achieve their dreams.

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